29 May 2011

Sea Bass al cartoccio

I love Sea Bass! What  I love the most is its robust flesh and the way it melts in my mouth. It's probably one of my favourite types of fish. I remember going to the fish monger when I was a little girl and how my parents would try to get me fascinated with fresh fish. At the end of our small trip they would let me choose the fish I wanted, and my choice would always be the Sea Bass. Till this day every time I go home visiting I'm sure to find Sea Bass on the menu, and it's always cooked the same way, my favourite way, the way my mum used to make it! Here is how to make it.

Sea Bass al cartoccio
makes 1 portion

1 Sea Bass
1 Spring Onion
Half fresh Chilli (I like mine a bit spicy but it can be omitted) chopped
Half garlic clove chopped
Bunch of parsley chopped
Quarter of a lemon plus 1 slice

Place the Sea Bass in a large piece of tin foil (large enough to wrap the fish) .
Cut the spring onion lenghwise and set aside. Do the same with the chilli,garlic and parsley and set aside. Scatter all the ingredients on to the fish, add a pinch of salt and squeeze the lemon. Place a slice of lemon in the middle, on top of everything. Start the cartoccio!
Cartoccio litterally means "to wrap", in this case to "cook in a wrapper". Take the two extremeties of the tin foil and start wrapping them all the way to the end until you have in your hands a foil parcel. Make sure not to make it too tight so that when it heats an air pocket is created allowing the fish to cook in its own juices. Cook in oven for 20 minutes (depending on size of fish, this was about 200g) at 190C.
When ready transfer it onto a plate and enjoy it with a nice glass of white wine and a salad, like I did!

Source: Own recipe

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