About me...

My name is Angela, I'm 29 and originally from Italy. In the past ten years I have lived, worked and studied in Italy, USA and most recently London UK. I am a mum of two beautiful girls, Gloria & Sofia, and I married my prince charming in 2004.
Things that make me happy are: photography, cinema, theater and getting lost in a good book late at night when the household is asleep! oh..and I almost forgot...I LOVE food. Almost anything edible really, but my true loves are cakes, ice cream, chocolate and to tell the truth all sugary delights!

This blog is about my exploits in the kitchen, the books I've devoured, the films that have moved me or made me laugh as well as reflections on life as a mum.

You might notice that I'll often associate recipes with either a film or a book. Why? I believe food, cooking it and eating it, is an experience that grabs all your senses and I as I touch, smell and taste it, my imagination is taken to things I might have seen or read!