28 May 2011

...one more thing to love...

I wish I had made those..but I didn't. I think they require a higher level of skills which I haven't acquired just yet, but yes they are on my long list of things to make.
Last week my husband surprised me with these little drops of heaven...I mean literally they melted in my mouth...and in a moment I was in love! Of course my dream has always been tasting macaroons for the first time sitting in a patisserie in France, but since that dream has to wait a bit longer before becoming reality, my husband decided that I should give it a try with the ones bought in London. He bought 7 different flavours for me to try, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, pistachio, strawberry, lavender and rose. I loved each one of them, but rose was definitely my favourite! Now i can't stop thinking about them, so the hubby promised to take me there on a date so I can pick and choose all the one I want and indulge!
Here is a link of the place, and if you are in London you should definitely stop by! :) http://www.bougie.co.uk/
The film that comes to my mind...well that's easy " Marie Antoinette".  Even though for me was a bit disappointing, I loved the costumes and looking at all those plates full of luscious food...really who could resist!!!

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