16 June 2011

What a week..

Dear blog, i am sorry I have left you for so long..I haven't forgotten about you, but I was just very busy this past week. Mostly I have been potty training Gloria :)...so far I can say that is the thing I like the least about being a mother. For some things I can be very patient, but not for this. I mean in my mind I kept saying: "come on child, really, how hard can it be to just go sit on the potty when you feel that is coming!"but of course I couldn't tell her that! So after 4 days of cleaning wee and ...something else from the floor, and  praising her a lot like a silly crazy woman..she got it. She needed to go and she went..in the potty! I was so happy and proud of her, but most of all I was happy for myself. I know it sounds selfish but really didn' t know if I could handle anymore explaining to the child that she needed to sit before going!
However I am just blathering, because Gloria actually made it really easy. She is a clever and intelligent girl and understood right away what I meant, it was just that she needed to master the art of going in the potty :) She always makes me proud, I gaze at her with amazement...she is my delicate Violet.
Of course now that she is a big girl she can enjoy big things..like this mega chocolate gelato!! :)

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